Taipa Grande Nature Park


Location: Rampa do Observatório, Taipa
Area: approximately 493,100 m2
Transport: bus no. AP1, 21 and 26 that stop over at the Rampa do Observatório
Opening hours: whole day

Located at Taipa Grande Hill lying to the east of Taipa Island, the 493,100m2 Taipa Grande Nature Park used to be a landfill till 1988. The area was subsequently transformed into the Nature Park in 1999.
The precinct of the Park houses a handful of amusement facilities like the Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics, a barbecue zone, children’s playground, a miradouro, a grass-skiing field and the Grand Taipa Hiking Trail that goes around the hill.
The Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics has a display of sculptures portraying the 56 ethnic groups of China designed and worked out by a selection of local and China’s renowned sculptors. These lifelike sculptures in different postures and of ethnic characteristics stand along a wooden footpath stretched across the hilly terrain.       
The Exhibition Centre of the Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics used to be the Eco-Centre of Taipa Grande Hill. Nowadays, the Centre has several display areas dedicated to ethnic attires, festivals, musical instruments, crafts, livelihood, inscriptions and souvenirs of the different ethnic minorities of China.  
There is a large grass-skiing field on the hill for visitors to get some thrills by sliding down speedily in grass sleds provided by the staff over there. Besides this exciting downhill adventure, making a barbecue or picnic with friends is equally enjoyable. Usually, the first place that comes to mind for barbecue is the Hac Sa Beach. But actually, having a barbecue halfway up Taipa Grande Hill is also a good choice. There are barbecue grounds built on two different levels on the hill for barbecuers to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding greenery and Macao International Airport down below from a high altitude.