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Small Taipa 2000 Circuit


Entrance: Estrada de Sete Tanques
Exit: behind the Health Centre of Taipa at Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano, Taipa
Distance: approximately 2300 meters
Transport: take bus no. 11, 15, 21, 26, 34, 36 and MT2
Opening hours: whole day


Opened to public at the end of 1999, the approximately 2000-meter long Circuit goes around the Small Taipa Hill. It is named “Small Taipa 2000 Circuit” since it was opened at a time close to the arrival of a new millennium. 


The 110 meters high Small Taipa Hill is also known as Pou Tai Hill, for the Pou Tai Monastery is located just at the foothill. To arrive to the Circuit, hikers can take the public bus and get off at the bus-stop at Regency Hotel. Then walk along Estrada de Sete Tanques until they catch sight of the meandering staircase-like Taipa Monument. This white colossal relief was designed by renowned Portuguese sculptor Dorita Castel Branco who based her conception on the winding Great Wall of China. The construction began in 1984 and was completed the year after. The groups of relief on the monument are vivid portrayals of the livelihood of Macao through the different compositions of figures and objects. Through the entrance of the Trail at the foot of the monument, hikers will arrive to a belvedere.


The hillsides and narrow footpaths along the circuitous Trail are covered by widespread vegetations which make it somehow difficult to have a clear aspect of the distant landscapes. For those who are keen on panoramic views, they have to walk up the stone stairways to the “Northern Peak Pavilion” where an expansive seascape of the Macau Peninsula and images of New COTAI city appear before their eyes.  

As hikers move ahead, they come across a nicely green-lawned area installed with amusement facilities for children’s play. It is the dream “garden” of every child, the first image that comes to mind for making a picnic and has such a relaxing ambience that is hardly found in Macao nowadays. 


Not far from the children’s playground is a piece of grassland where four species of trees are planted to mark the series of tree-planting activities over the years. These trees, named as   “Hope”, “Friendship”, “Life” and “Solidarity” respectively, were planted by celebrities of Macao    with a memorial stone erected next to each to detail the planting.